Legal Finance & Accounting Market Insights Q2 2017

Legal Finance & Accounting Market Insights Q2 2017

Published on 5th April 2017

Following the uncertainty at the end of 2016, the legal finance recruitment market has been busier than ever in recent months. Job seekers have the confidence to move and take risks in the market, and a significant number of new roles have become available due to organic growth.

Skills in demand

Billing roles have been in high demand since the beginning of 2017, however many experienced billers are looking to move into a revenue/partner facing role. Pure billers are harder to come by.

E-billing continues to be a sought-after skill set and there is currently a general lack of these candidates in the market as this is a newer area within legal finance.

Experience of Elite 3e remains highly desirable due to the number of firms upgrading their software, and demand for this will continue to grow.

On the temporary and contract side, many Legal Cashier roles have become available while on the permanent side, we have seen a rise in Credit Control vacancies.

Commercial/Pricing focused finance roles continue to be a growth area for the legal sector and we have seen a high demand from revenue controllers wanting to transition into these positions. Many have been able to transition successfully due to a lack of experienced pricing professionals in the market and because revenue controllers have the relevant skill set to evolve into a commercial role. i.e. their existing partner-facing skill sets, exposure to rates and strong numerical skills.

We have been speaking with many legal firms about their business models in this area and there has been a focus on senior business partners to help look at utilisation, efficiency and profitability.

Mergers & Acquisitions

One of the most significant in Q1 was the Norton Rose Fulbright and Chadbourne & Parke merger.

Advice for employers

Don’t miss out on top talent due to slow decision making. Experienced legal finance professionals are in high demand and we are finding that they have a large volume of roles to choose from so they will not be in the market for long.

Be open minded to considering candidates from outside of the legal sector, they can add a really interesting and forward-thinking new perspective.

We recommend working closely with us and asking for updates on the market and the good candidates we meet, even if there isn’t a live vacancy. Having informal meetings with potential future employees will allow you to keep ahead of the game and to be able to have your pick of the best people.

Advice for jobseekers

Move quickly when you see roles you want to apply for (and give your consultant feedback on the ones you aren’t interested in).

Do not delay when arranging an interview and pass on your interview feedback quickly.

Finally, communicate with your recruitment consultants throughout the process and be honest about your thoughts and where you are with other applications. This will enable them to better assist you throughout your job search.

Legal Finance & Accounting
Salaries Q2 2017

Job titleAnnual salary range (£)Contract rate (£)
Accounts Payable
Accounts Payable Supervisor35K - 50K21 - 30 an hour
Accounts Payable (2 years+)25K - 32K15 - 20 an hour
Accounts Payable (up to 2 years)20K - 25K12 - 15 an hour
Billings Manager45K - 60K28 - 37 an hour
Senior Legal Biller38K - 45K23 - 28 an hour
Legal Biller (2 years+)28K - 37K17 - 22 an hour
Legal Biller (up to 2 years)25K - 32K15 - 19 an hour
Head Cashier45K - 65K28 - 40 an hour
Senior Legal Cashier35K - 45K21 - 28 an hour
Legal Cashier (2 years+)30K - 35K18 - 23 an hour
Legal Cashier (up to 2 years)25K - 32K15 - 18 an hour
Credit Control
Credit Manager45K - 70K28 - 40 an hour
Credit Controller (2 years+)30K - 42K18 - 26 an hour
Credit Controller (up to 2 years)25K - 28K15 - 17 an hour
Financial Accounting
Finance Director140K - 250K1000 - 2000 per day
Financial Controller (1st - 2nd Tier)90K - 150K 600 - 1000 per day
Finance Business Manager / Partner90K - 150K600 - 800per day
Finance Systems Manager70K - 90K400 - 600 per day
Fully Qualified Accountant (5 years PQE)70K+300 - 400 per day 
Fully Qualified Accountant (3-4 years PQE)65K - 75K280 - 400 per day 
Fully Qualified Accountant (1-2 years PQE)50K - 65K230 - 280 per day 
Newly Qualified Accountant45K - 55K200 - 250 per day 
Part Qualified Accountant25K - 35K15 - 21 an hour
Finance Systems Analyst50K - 65K350 - 600 per day 
Accounts Manager55K - 80K30 - 50 an hour
Pricing Manager70K - 90K400 - 600 per day
Commercial/Pricing Analyst (qualified)55K - 70K300 - 400 per day
Commercial/Pricing Analyst (non-qualified)45K - 55K200 - 250 per day
Revenue Manager40K - 80K25 - 50 an hour
Revenue Controller35K - 40K21 - 24 an hour
Revenue Assistant25K - 34K15 - 21 an hour

* Notes on salary table

1. Titles and levels vary from organisation to organisation.
2. The salary ranges given are only approximate guides. For tailored salary advice, please contact us directly.
3. 12-month base salaries are assumed.
4. All other benefits and bonuses are in addition to these figures.
5. Bonus ranges can vary significantly from company to company and will be influenced by market conditions, business and individual performances.