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Podcast: How to progress your career in 2017

Published on 2nd January 2017

In Ambition's first podcast, experienced recruiters Adam Silver and Angelina Webb give their three top tips on how you can drive your career forward in 2017.

1. Ensure your CV is up to date and accurate - don't guess dates, grades or other details or you could find that a potential new job offer gets rejected at reference stage.

2. Critically assess your career - where do you want to be in 5 years time and how are you going to get there? Does your employer know what you want to do? Is there any chance of progressing within your current firm?

3. Commit to the process - if you want to find a new job, make sure you are fully committed. This means taking the time to fully research any firms you interview with, meet with your recruiter and use their knowledge to the full.