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Diversity specialists - Ambition+

Ambition+ is part of the Ambition Group dedicated to creating a more diverse workforce.

Working with organisations across the Professional Services and Financial Services markets, we aim to provide guidance on the challenges faced in respect to diversity and, in particular, gender diversity.

We believe that businesses need to ensure they identify, develop and retain their female pipeline talent to become the leaders of the future.  

With the above in mind, we have created the following range of services to help you embed diversity and inclusion within your company:

If you are interested in any of the above services please contact Sally Clare, Head of Diversity Services, on 
0207 430 7274 or email

Diversity Consulting

Many companies focus on their top tier female talent and are working to get more women on their executive boards.  Whilst this is absolutely necessary, our approach is slightly different.  We want to help your business to create the female leaders of the future.

We can help you begin your journey towards creating an inclusive culture, teaching you how to attract a diverse talent pool and retain your talent pipeline.

We will advise on the correct measures to put in place now in order to create an inclusive, gender balanced, diverse organisation in the future.

Bespoke sessions are typically held at the company’s premises and cover a range of topics, tailored to the needs of your organisation.  Some examples include:

  • What is diversity and why is it important to your business?
  • How to attract and retain a diverse talent pool
  • How to undertake an inclusive interview process
  • Mentoring and Sponsorship
  • Creating networks for your organisation
  • Diversity diagnostics and analysis
  • Implementing flexible working

Diversity and Talent Review

Thorough review and analysis of your current recruitment process to assess the extent to which your company embeds diversity, equality and inclusion into the recruitment cycle.

Upon completion of the review and analysis:

  • We will advise you on how to embed diversity into the recruitment cycle to ensure a diverse talent pool is sourced for your business.

  • We will help you put together a bespoke strategy to create an inclusive environment within your company, helping to retain a diverse talent pool.

Contact us to find out more >

Diversity Engagement Surveys

Bespoke surveys tailored to your business to establish attitudes relating to diversity within your company.
Results are then analysed and presented back to you, highlighting key areas of focus as a recommended strategy for the future.

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Senior Level Flexible Working

Our specialist recruiters have partnered with forward-thinking businesses across Professional and Financial Services and have access to a large network of senior level talent that want to work on a flexible or part-time basis.

For employers

Are you looking for senior level talent on a flexible or part-time basis? We can help you access this relatively untapped talent pool as well as help your business understand the benefits of senior level flexible work. We can also help you implement strategies and initiatives to ensure it works flexibly within the business.

For jobseekers

If you are an experienced professional looking for flexible or part-time roles within Professional Services or Financial Services, we can help.

We will work with you to understand the breadth of your experience and ensure you secure a suitable role that matches both your experience and your flexible requirements. For further information please contact Sally Clare on 0207 430 7274 or click here to send your CV.

Women in Business Services Programmes

Many firms commonly focus on their revenue generating employees when creating networking groups, running training initiatives and providing coaching and career development.  This hugely neglects the women in their business services functions.

Typically, business services comprise back office staff and are generally made up of Finance & Accounting, HR, Marketing, IT, Admin, Client Services etc.

Business services teams can make up to a third of company headcount, yet in most organisations they receive less encouragement and investment per capita. Our aim is to change this.

Ambition+ has created a series of development programmes specifically for women in internal support departments / back office functions.  The programmes aim to help raise aspirations, retain authenticity and enhance ability to navigate the workplace.

These programmes are held publicly at a central location or can be held privately at your company premises.

Click here for more information on the topics covered >

Research and Information

Ambition+ has recently conducted research across Professional Services and Financial Services to identify the real reasons why women are leaving professions before reaching the most senior positions, and to find out if there are any key trends.

To request a copy please contact

For daily content around issues relating to diversity and inclusion, please follow our diversity Twitter feed: @diversityambuk

Speaking engagements

Our Head of Diversity Services, Sally Clare is available for public and
private speaking events on topics relating to gender diversity.  

For more information, please get in touch with Sally on
020 7430 7274 or email